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Success Story :

    “Success comes to those who dare to earn it”. Mr Vivek Doba bench a mark in the field of Business and Life Coaching, a pioneer who unleashed the secrets of Business and Life s Golden Triangle. Today he aids and supports the development of many companies, organisations and individuals, helping them gain their maximum potential, making the lives of many fruitful and worth living. But his journey in life was not as sweet and smooth as we see today. 

Mr Vivek, an unwanted child of his parents, poverty being the main cause. His childhood was a challenge and has tread a very rigorous path as a child. At a mere tender age, he was sent to his grandpa’s village, somewhere near Amravati, where the economic status was pulled down. He managed to earn his daily bread by selling pedhas or frames in the melas that were held in the village then. His Grandpa used to work as a priest who tried hard to make ends meet. In such a depressing environment the child wished for education as he had the enthusiasm and liking for studies. A family who tried hard to make ends meet and earn their daily bread, it was impossible for them to even provide the basic need of education. But his fate had something else much better in store for him. He was admitted to ____________________ School in Amravati. Vivek a genius in mathematics with all his hard efforts and strong willpower put all his heart and soul and managed to complete his education. At the mere young age of ____________ he lost his only support, his father. Now he was all by himself to take care of his family. His teacher ________________ guided him to complete his education along with shouldering the responsibility of his family. 

By the time Vivek completed his education, he got an opportunity to teach 2 diploma students, who ahead merger chance to even clear the exam, it was a challenge he accepted. The duo master and the student put in 40 hours of studies blended with hard efforts and motivation, came out with flying colours and score 90+ in their finals. Now fate was smiling at every venture Vivek entered in. This is how he moved his classes from a godown room to a 10x15 room. He had started with a 75 Rs charge and today his classes soared to 500+ plus students. Vivek's undying spirit to win and his willpower to earn survive and taste success, opened the avenues of success. 

Now he was not only a coach but a mentor, a helping hand, a guide and played so many roles, helping the masses through their agony. But Coaching was not the passion that he was born for. Being a Life and Business coach was his dream. He not only decided to follow his passion now, but his dream world of guiding and helping the masses also gain their true worth, which gave him immense pleasure and satisfaction.

 Today I am a proud Business and Life coach. I head, guide and assist large organisations, I also assist individuals on one to one basis. I have cherished and gathered the deep secrets of my life, which lead me to the position I am in. Friends Life is all about hard work, passion, and an undying zest for life. I believe in 3 things:

  1. Dream: Think big, never dream or wish for anything that is below your capacities.

  2.  Evolve: Here the idea of the Business and Life’s Golden Triangles work. Accept your flaws, work on them, upgrade yourself, and put your heart and soul to develop them. “ Nature fulfils the wishes of those who never Quit”

  3. Inspire: Be an inspiration to others. Your actions, your thoughts, and your dedication let it be an epitome for the coming generations, your friends and colleague.

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