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Business Coaching (Business Golden Triangle)

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The Business Golden Triangle is a practical connection and co-relation between its most important elements like *Entrepreneur *Clients *Team The Business Golden Triangle will enhance your perspective and will develop you to enhance the strong bond relation between these elements. A relationship is a key to success in the mentioned elements.  Challenges The challenging situation s which one might face if not taken efforts to pull yourself of difficult situation are: 1. Without the help of a professional coach to help, guide you, one may struggle to develop a comprehensive business plan. 2. One may fail to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their business operation. 3.Furthermore entrepreneurs may miss out on valuable resources and advice that could help them succeed.  The basic factors to be considered by an entrepreneur should be as follows ⦁ Know your Customer ⦁ Deal one customer at a time ⦁ Empower your employees ⦁ Customer experience will enhance customer retention as well as satisfaction A trusted customer relationship will always add  ⦁ To your sales ⦁ Reduces customer attrition ⦁ Deliver invaluable marketing ⦁ Boost the employee morale A dedicated team is like the heart and soul of any organisation. Building such a team is not an easy task. A team consists of people of different mentalities and abilities. Collectively getting a task done from such a heterogeneous mix is an ability. Boosting a team’s morale, uplifting their spirit, executing their task smoothly

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