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Communication is one of the principal aspects of our life. Public Speaking is the core and heart of today’s successful life. Enhance your Public speaking skills and develop a bright career. Public Speaking means not only the use of decorative language and vocabulary but also includes the:- *Throw of words: Proper use of a word based on the context and the tone to pronounce it. *Intonation: the lowering and rising of the tone while speaking to create an effect. *Pronunciation: pronounce the word in correct English. *Body Language: Body language plays a crucial role while delivering a speech. *Attitude: the context and the coordination of body language create an attitude while delivering a speech. *Presentation Skills: Presentation skills mean how one presents the matter as it makes a difference. Public Speaking skills transform the lives of people. Challenges faced if Public speaking is not nurtured: 1. You may not be able to effectively communicate your ideas and opinions to a large audience which may lead to miscommunication and difficulty conveying ones message. 2. You lack the confidence to present in front of a large crowd which can lead to a decrease in your performance. 3. Without proper practise you may not be able to effectively navigate difficult questions or criticism from the audience, which could lead to a decrease in your self-esteem. Train the Trainer is a programme for trainers to enhance their skill sets and gain the aura of a professional trainer.

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