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About Vivek Doba


About Vivek Doba

Vivek Doba, a pioneer in Business & Life Coaching,

Harnessing since 2008.


Mr Vivek Doba, a pioneer in, motivational and inspirational speech , has expertise in business, life and wellness coaching. One of the best business and life coach,  his knowledge is boundless. He has not only transformed many lives but also has mastered the art of moulding one’s dreams into reality. Today every human is stressed out, full of fears, and anxiety and there is cutthroat competition. Mr Vivek is like a ‘Ray of Hope’, a master with varied skill sets who not only assists you envision your dreams but will also guide you to transform your dreams into reality.

Mr Vivek, an author, an NLP trainer (MIND MASTERY METHODS) well versed in Hindi and Marathi, a Life and a Business Coach is a guide who is an expert in training the mind, channelizing its energy positively and mastering the art of influencing the subconscious mind to transform dreams into reality.

The NLP- (MIND MASTERY METHODS) works best for

i. Trainers: who wish to command attention from students and want them glued!

ii. Consultants: Who wish to design the fastest solution that exceeds client expectations!

iii. Presenters: Who want their audience hanging on their every word!

iv. Corporate Professionals: Who wish to win others at their workplace!


Transform your Life and Career with India’s one of the Best Business and Life Coach:


Business Golden Triangle and Life’s Golden Triangle Coaching:

1. Hacks to reconstruct an expandable Business Model

2. Target the right customer to achieve the desired returns in business

3. Create a powerful customer product business matrix guide

4. Help build a new business from the basics

5. Defining their mission and goals.

6. Placing the long-term and short-term strategies

7. Help figure out how to take the business to the next level

8. The art of balancing the 9 spokes of Business.

The true measure of the Value of any Business Leader and Manager

is Performance.


Visualize your dreams at the subconscious level, watching, and observing them turn to reality is the KEY TO SUCCESS is what Mr Vivek strongly believes in.

A human mind is full of thoughts many wanted and few unwanted, here NLP rejuvenates one’s mind and tries to obtain the best of you.

“Dreams don’t work unless you take action”. Mr Vivek’s objective is to tap into the unrealised potential and help you achieve your personal and business goals with ease and at a pace with which you may have never imagined.

Mr Vivek has consulted more than 50+ companies, and addressed more than 35000+ people in 1000+ talks and seminars throughout the country.

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Vivek Doba, a pioneer in Business & Life Coaching,
harnessing since 2018.

Vivek Doba a specialist in Business & Life Coaching, an NLP trainer (brain stimulating and rejuvenating techniques for life and career). Mr Vivek, fosters the potential and strengths and channelizes the energy towards accomplishing ones goals. His humane and soothing approach towards any issue and undaunting skills to boost the potential of a patron should be considered as a stroke of luck to those he caters (cherishes) . Mr Vivek strongly believes on the principle of Dream, Evolve & Inspire.

Metamorphosing the lives, assisting, supporting the people accomplish their goals. Every cloud has a silver lining, we help people realise their potentials, capacities. We believe that endeverance and perseverance is the key to success.

Mr Vivek believes that change is an integral and inevitable part of life & growth. An epitome of strength and positivity, he has conceptualized the ideas from the last decade and has accomplished   20X to 200X growth in this pandemic situation too.

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